The Best Cell Phone Plans in Denver, CO for Coverage, Speed & Price

The best cell phone plans in Denver by category:

  • The fastest wireless carrier in Denver: TIE Verizon Wireless and AT&T, both over 100 Mbps averages
  • The widest available wireless carrier in Denver: Verizon with nearly 100% coverage
  • The largest 5G network available in Denver: T-Mobile, nearing 70% citywide coverage
  • The most affordable wireless carrier in Denver: Mint Mobile, plans starting at $15 per month

If you’re looking for some of the fastest mobile networks in the United States, than look no further than Denver, Colorado. Not necessarily considered by many to be a massive tech hub, one of the larger cities in the middle of the country competes with them when it comes to 5G and LTE coverage for its residents.

Denver has seen an economic boom as of late though, with everything from tech to industry, tourism, real estate, you name it, it’s growing. The city positions itself nicely as not only a great place to do business, but also to live and find retreat in the great outdoors. Just about any activity you could want to particitape in, Denver provides.

With that in mind, it makes sense why people would want to move to Colorado in and around the Denver area for work and leisure. Because of this boom, cell service companies offer ridiculously fast networks, both from the big three companies as well as from a series of upstarts.

Below you can find the best mobile carriers available to Denver consumers looking to compare plans as reviewed by the GammaWire team:

Top Mobile Wireless Plans in Denver

5G & Unlimited
Check Pricing
Incredible Prices
T-Mobile Backed
Pre-Paid Only
Unlimited Plan
Bundle Options
Family Options
Higher Prices
Best Coverage
Most Features
Cheap Unlimited
Frugal Family Deals
AT&T’s Network
Impressive Speeds
Fair Coverage
Great Value
Super Cheap Plans
No Contract
Pre-Paid Option

Which Mobile Provider Has the Best Cell Coverage in Denver?

Without going into the nuts and bolts of 5G coverage just yet, Verizon, despite its current smaller 5G network in Denver, offers ridiculous speeds on their standard LTE networks across one of the widest coverage maps. Some consumers will see almost half a GB in download speeds, with averages for most floating north of 100Mbps.

AT&T is also extremely competitive, with most users north of 100Mbps as well, and with a larger 5G network than Verizon, looks ready to compete.

Fastest Mobile Carriers in Denver (5G, 4G, LTE)

Despite the two top dogs above, if you’re betting on 5G being the next big thing in mobile technology (which it most likely is), T-Mobile is worth considering. They have nearly 70% of the city blanketed in a 5G network, and are rapidly expanding.

AT&T is rapidly growing their 5G coverage in Denver as well, a little behind T-Mobile, but they also offer a faster standard LTE network so for now it might be a wash between the two, you’ll be safe with either.

Cheap & Discount Cell Phone Plans in Denver, CO

If you’re looking for some great deals on budget wireless plans in Denver and around Colorado, you’re in luck because most of the state is covered by affordable networks as well.

If we’re to strongly recommend on budget wireless carrier over another, it’d be unfair to not name a couple. You really can’t go wrong with Mint Mobile right now, whose plans start around $15.

Boost Mobile is another great option, with plans somewhere in that $10-30 range depending on what you’re looking for.

Cricket Wireless has coverage in Denver as well, and can get you going for $20-30 a month.

Most importantly though, when considering a cheap cell phone plan in Denver, make sure you’re also considering where else you might find yourself throughout the year. If you travel a lot for work or pleasure, or head into the mountains a lot, consider network availability on these smaller competitors. It’s important to remember that if more nationwide coverage is important to you, then maybe one of the bigger networks is a better fit.

Find a Cell Plan in Your Area

We hope the information above was enough to help find a wireless provider near you.  Click on one of the providers below to view their latest plans, rates and promotions in your area:


Denver, CO Zip Codes with the Best Cellular Coverage

  • 80219
  • 80204
  • 80224
  • 80220
  • 80227
  • 80229
  • 80228
  • 80211
  • 80221

While some of the above zip codes offer great coverage, don’t fear if you don’t see your zip code on the list. There are tons of rock solid areas in Denver that provide 100% coverage. Those are only a small sample of high quality network areas.

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