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The Detroit Lions were established three years after the first television set was ever sold, but you can watch them today on your TV, phone, or other personal device, and you don’t have to have cable to do it.

Are you a Detroit Lions fan? Many of us are. But, we can’t always hear Gridiron Heroes at Ford Field. Sadly, tickets cost too much for most of us, which means we have to find other ways to watch the Detroit Lions.

The Detroit Lions were first founded in the summer of 1930, more than 90 years ago. Based in Detroit, the Lions have adopted Roary The Lion as team mascot. With their noticeable Honolulu blue and silver uniforms – the team did change to black and scarlet from 1948 through 1950 – the Detroit Lions are easy to spot. 

With 21 playoff appearances and a dozen other championships, this often under-appreciated team has pulled in a ballpark of around half a million fans each year onto its home field. If you can’t always be one of the lucky ones to see the team, which was originally dubbed the Portsmouth Spartans, in person at each game, you’re going to have to look online at streaming services to catch them. When you don’t have cable, the following are your best options:

FuboTV Is Our Top Pick for Streaming Detroit Lions Games Online

When FuboTV first hit the app stores, people were a bit confused by the odd name. Well, people that weren’t sports fans were confused anyway. It was immediately clear to the rest of us that Fubo sounded too much like football to be anything other than a sports-centric streaming service. With packages from between $64.99 per month and $79.99 per month, Detroit Lions fans can stream their games and store up to 1000 hours of action on the included DVR. If you have high hopes for the Lions, you can catch the Super Bowl on Fubo, too. 

Fubu is the ultimate sports fan’s streaming service.

Watch on Fubo Live!

Sling Is a Great Pick For Watching The Detroit Lions Online

When you want more sports, more entertainment, and more news, you want Sling plus it’s streaming sports package, which adds $11 each month to your base subscription. You can choose either Sling Orange, which is a top-notch option for sports fans, Sling Blue, where you’ll find an unlimited offering of news and entertainment, or bundle both service packages together for just $50 per month.

Want to get Sling for yourself? Sign up here

Watch on Sling!

See The Detroit Lions Live And On The Field On Hulu + Live

Hulu subscribers have long known that the streaming service was one of the best. However, it has skipped just under the radar of sports fans everywhere until now. Starting in 2021, Detroit Lions fans have access to the NFL Network with Hulu’s standard $64.99 per month package. With more than 75 live channels, an impressive streaming library, and of the best networks available – CBS, NBCSN, and FOX, to name a few – Hulu offers a full lineup of sports and sports-related news.

Hulu + Live TV is your go-to platform for football and more. 

Watch on Hulu Live!

When the Detroit Lions are aired on CBS, Paramount+ Has The Game

If you haven’t already downloaded it, Paramount+ is the CBS app for people that like the Detroit Lions. Plans start at less than $5 per month and include a huge lineup of sports, entertainment, and more. If you live in the Detroit area, you can watch live Lions’ games on your device. Keep in mind that access will be limited when you travel out of the market.

Try Paramount+!

Amazon Prime Has The Detroit Lions On Thursday Nights

For years, FOX has been the exclusive home of Thursday Night Football for the Detroit Lions. That changes now. At 8:20 PM every Thursday at the start of football season, you can watch the NFL streaming through your Amazon Prime Video service subscription. Don’t have one yet? Sign up today for $12.99 per month for $119 per year. Amazon offers real-time statistics while you watch on certain devices.

Watch TNF on Amazon

How Can I Watch The Detroit Lions With A VPN?

If you’ve ever been curious about streaming television with your own VPN, now’s your chance. The Detroit Lions are, sadly, not broadcast live in every market. A virtual private network may help you watch your team even if you live across the country. While there are many excellent VPN providers, our top choice is NordVPN for price and reliability.

Try NordVPN for $3

Sign up for one or sign up for all of the services above. No matter what you choose, you’ll have access to the Detroit Lions and can watch your team dominate the field whether you’re at home on the couch or traveling for work.

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