Watch NC State Wolfpack Games Free Online

North Carolina State University fans are some of the best in the nation. But, you already know that, which is why you’re scouring the ‘net for ways to watch your favorite football or basketball team, even when you can’t be there in person.

North Carolina State University was founded on March 7, 1887. Five years later, the NC State Wolfpack football team was formed. The school’s basketball team was a founding member of the ACC and played its first game in 1911. Both teams sport an iconic red and white uniform and have a proud history of tournament wins and legendary players, including Ron Shavlik and Rodney Monroe for basketball and six Consensus All-Americans in football.

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But, enough about the teams’ histories. You are here to find out how you can watch them. Scroll down for our top picks.

Fubo: Watch NC State Wolfpack Games Live Online

A good chunk of college sports air live online through channels like ESPN and ACCN. Thankfully, Fubo has these and about 130 other channels, which are available to stream in 4K definition. Give yourself the gift of Fubo Elite, and you will have access to sports all season long. When games aren’t being played, satisfy your entertainment needs with CMT, discovery, and, for those of you who like to throw it back, TVland. Even the smallest members of your family will find something to watch, and Fubo carries animal planet, Nick Jr., and Disney XD.

Download Fubo today, and enjoy the game. 

Watch on Fubo Live!

The NC State Wolfpack Are Streaming on Sling

Of the more than 29,000 college basketball games played every season, only 82 are played by the NC State Wolfpack. Although you may not be able to catch all of them, Sling is a great way to help you have your own virtual courtside seat. Further, the same channels that air North Carolina State University basketball often stick close to the school during football season. When you stream live college sports with Sling (go ahead and sign up for Orange & Blue plus Sports Extra), you also get access to the big leagues, with NFL red zone and all of the ESPN you can handle.

Psst… Sling is the best-kept secret in the world of streaming sports.

Watch on Sling!

Hulu Is A Great Option For NC State Wolfpack Fans

Although not quite as many games as basketball, there are more than 10,000 football games played at the college level each year. The NC State Wolfpack team plays a dozen of these during the regular season. Hulu carries many of them and, like the services listed above, carries all the channels you need – ESPN, NBCSN, etc. – to get your fill, no matter which season we are currently in. What sets Hulu apart is its personalized fan experience dashboard, which lets you customize which teams you follow in almost all sports from one central location.

Don’t miss an NC State Wolfpack game. Get Hulu.

Watch on Hulu Live!

The Peacock App Might Have The NC State Wolfpack if They’re on NBC this Week

If the NC State Wolfpack plays on NBC, you might be able to access the games live from the Peacock App, which is a streaming service that exclusively showcases NBC programming. For one small monthly fee, you can also have ad-supported Spanish television, kids’ movies, news, true crime, and other buzzworthy content.

The NC State Wolfpack Has Streaming Audio

Can’t sit down in front of your device or TV? No problem. Subscribe to GoPack All-Access for both live video and streaming game day audio. When you’re interested in listening to in-depth commentary as your NC State Wolfpack takes on known rivals Wake Forest, East Carolina, Clemson, or North Carolina, you’ll get it through GoPack All Access. For those days that you’re driving through the state but can’t fathom the thought of not hearing your team win, you can tune into any of the Wolfpack’s radio affiliates, including WXRC-FM 95.7 in Charlotte and WRMR-FM 98.7 in Wilmington.

Watch NC State Wolfpack In Private With A VPN

Did you know that every time you enter a search term to your computer that you are being watched? It’s true, and it’s more than annoying and a bit alarming. However, when you stream your NC State Wolfpack games using a VPN, advertisers can’t see what you’re watching, which means you won’t suddenly start getting ads for trips to North Carolina. Plus, using a VPN on your computer or other device is a smart move that results in a more secure browsing session. We like NordVPN, which is part of the Nord Security family. Try it today, and you can even steer clear of games blacked out because of location.

Try NordVPN for $3

Your NC State Wolfpack is ready to welcome you into the fold. Stream online with any of the services listed above,  and you can be there with them through all of the action.

*We don’t set prices. Please confirm details before you register for service. 

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