The Best Cell Phone Plans in Austin, TX for Coverage, Speed & Price

The best cell phone plans in Austin, TX by category:

  • The fastest wireless carrier in Austin: AT&T boasts average download speeds of 90 Mbps.
  • The widest available wireless carrier in Austin: TIE (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile)
  • The largest 5G network available in Austin: T-Mobile (35% coverage)
  • The most affordable wireless carrier in Austin: Boost Mobile and Mint Mobile – plans starting at around $15 per month

Austin has been a boom town over the past ten years, with many people migrating to the city looking for tech jobs while at the same time escaping bigger cities like San Francisco and New York. The city is host to hundreds of concert venues, top-rated restaurants, vibrant night life, and of course their trademark quirk that many locals worry might be lost to rapid growth.

Never fear, though, most people who live there love Austin for what it is, and don’t seem to be too worried about the city’s roots disappearing anytime soon.

With the job market booming there, and technology being one of the main industries to bring in a lot of the growth, it should come as no surprise to anyone looking for a great wireless plan in Austin that there are plenty of great options no matter the price point or speeds you might be looking for.

Top Mobile Wireless Plans in Austin, TX

5G & Unlimited
Check Pricing
Incredible Prices
T-Mobile Backed
Pre-Paid Only
Unlimited Plan
Bundle Options
Family Options
Higher Prices
Best Coverage
Most Features
Cheap Unlimited
Frugal Family Deals
AT&T’s Network
Impressive Speeds
Fair Coverage
Great Value
Super Cheap Plans
No Contract
Pre-Paid Option

Which Mobile Provider Has the Best Cell Coverage in Austin, TX?

Because of how technologically focused Austin is, consumers can’t really go wrong selecting one of the big three when it comes to wireless availability in their city. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon all offer blanket coverage of most every neighborhood in Austin and in the surrounding suburbs, meaning if you are looking for a reliable and consistent carrier, one of these name brands might be your best bet.

Also because of how large of an available market of consumers there is in Austin, TX, many small and midsized competitors have joined in, giving consumers plenty of competition to choose from and price shop. If you are looking to branch out from one of the major carriers, we urge you to consider some of the smaller brands like Mint Mobile, BOost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, and Visible, who all offer decent coverage across the city.

One thing to of course keep in mind as you’re shopping though is how big of a network the cellular carrier offers outside of your home city. As an example, it might be safest to select a big three carrier because you know it will most likely work no matter what US city you’re in, as opposed to some of the other smaller carriers which might not have as good of service elsewhere in the United States, especially in suburban and rural areas.

Fastest Mobile Carriers in Austin, TX (5G, 4G, LTE)

As of 2021, AT&T boasts having the fastest average download speeds of any major carrier in Austin. Currently, they’re sitting atop the competition with averages north of 90 Mbps for downloads. They also lead the way in upload speed among major competitors, averaging almost 25 Mbps upload speeds.

If you’re looking for 5G availabilty though, Austin is “getting there” in 2021. The city doesn’t have much blanket 5G coverage yet, but all major carriers seem to have plans to offer more 5G connections to their customers in the coming year or two.

As of right now, T-Mobile has the largest 5G availability in Austin, TX, at around 30% of city residents having access to the current fastest wireless network.

Cheap & Discount Cell Phone Plans in Austin, TX

If you’re looking for a discount cell phone plan in Austin, you’re in luck. As with most major cities, there is plenty of competition meaning anyone looking for a good deal on a cell phone plan will probably find something that works with their budget.

Boost Mobile and Mint Mobile are both going to be the best budget options, with plans starting at around or below $15 dollars per month. Other great options mignt include Cricket Wireless or Metro by T-Mobile, which offer plans below $40 per month but offer broader network availability with their tower partnerships.

Keep in mind, that which seems cheap might often end up being more expensive. While the appearance of a cheap monthly rate might seem enticing, read the fine print. Make sure you’re not going to get hit with any surprise monthly fees, annual charges, overage costs, or other assorted fees that might make a low rate plan suddenly more comparable to one of the bigger carriers. It’s always important to confirm with the carrier that you’re not going to get hit with anything unexpected especially if monthly budgeting is important to you.

Find a Cell Plan in Your Area

We hope the information above was enough to help find a wireless provider near you.  Click on one of the providers below to view their latest plans, rates and promotions in your area:


Austin, TX Zip Codes with the Best Cellular Coverage

  • 78705
  • 78741
  • 78751
  • 78723
  • 78704
  • 78758
  • 78759
  • 78703
  • 78757
  • 78745

According to research conducted by the GammaWire team, the above zip codes are currently the ones with the best available cellular network coverage. Don’t worry too much if you don’t see your zip code on the list, almost all zip codes in the Austin area have proven to be rock solid when it comes to reliable cell plan coverage, these are just some examples of the best places for fast mobile connections.

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