The Best Cell Phone Plans in Albuquerque, NM for Coverage, Speed & Price

The best cell phone plans in Albuquerque by category:

  • The fastest wireless carrier in Albuquerque: T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity hub is here.
  • The widest available wireless carrier in Albuquerque: T-Mobile, the entire city is covered!
  • The largest 5G network available in Albuquerque: T-Mobile (65% coverage)
  • The most affordable wireless carrier in Albuquerque: Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile – plans starting at $10 per month

Originally founded as a Spanish colony, Albuquerque is a city full of history. Fortunately, it’s also ripe with technology, including the infrastructure to support widespread talk, text, and data coverage. 

If you are looking for a cell phone plan in the Albuquerque area, look no further than the major carriers and mobile providers that piggyback off of their networks. Although each has coverage in the area, you’ll want to pay close attention to your needs and know what you’re getting yourself into. Here are a few bullet points on six options, as well as insight on coverage, speeds, and affordability.

Top Mobile Wireless Plans in Albuquerque, NM

5G & Unlimited
Check Pricing
Incredible Prices
T-Mobile Backed
Pre-Paid Only
Unlimited Plan
Bundle Options
Family Options
Higher Prices
Best Coverage
Most Features
Cheap Unlimited
Frugal Family Deals
AT&T’s Network
Impressive Speeds
Fair Coverage
Great Value
Super Cheap Plans
No Contract
Pre-Paid Option

Which Cell Phone Company Has The Best Coverage In Albuquerque?

The big winner for coverage in the Albuquerque area is T-Mobile. The entire city is covered with 5G Ultra Capacity, as is Moriarty, McIntosh, Los Lunas, and Rio Rancho. Outside of the city center, you’ll still have access to 5G Extended Range. While AT&T and Verizon both also cover the majority of Albuquerque, T-Mobile’s reach is simply better. Something to keep in mind is that none of the major carriers have towers on the Alamo Navajo Indian Reservation. While coverage is available here, it’s off-net and may not be 100% reliable.

Who Do I Choose If I Need The Fastest Speeds?

T-Mobile is a clear winner here as well, and Albuquerque is home to one of T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity hubs. According to independent reports from Umlaut, T-Mobile’s download speeds can reach up to 331 Mbps in some markets. This does not mean that T-Mobile is always the fastest, and most carriers will slow speeds based on grid activity. Mint Mobile and Boost Mobile also utilized T-Mobile’s infrastructure, so both of these carriers have access to 5G Ultra Capacity with a compatible device.

What’s The Most Budget-Friendly Cell Phone Plan Available In Albuquerque?

When you’re thinking about budget, think Boost, Cricket, or Mint Mobile. Each of these carriers is considered a mobile virtual network operator, meaning they pay a fee to use AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile’s cell towers and networks. Because of this, you’ll get a better deal, but you will also sacrifice priority speeds in high use times. The least expensive talk, text, and data plans in Albuquerque are through Boost Mobile or Minit Mobile. Each of these carriers offer basic plans for $15 per month or less. However, you can still get a great deal through a major carrier if you have multiple lines. For example, AT&T has a 5G Unlimited plan starting at less than $40 per month if you have four lines or more.

Find a Cell Plan in Your Area

We hope the information above was enough to help find a wireless provider near you.  Click on one of the providers below to view their latest plans, rates and promotions in your area:


Albuquerque Zip Codes With Excellent Talk, Text, And Data Coverage

  • 87101
  • 87102
  • 87113
  • 87116
  • 87123
  • 87106
  • 87108
  • 87112
  • 87120
  • 87114
  • 87111


Ultimately, finding the best talk, text, and data plan in Albuquerque comes down to personal preference. If you don’t need premium perks, such as unlimited hotspot and spam call screening, Boost, Mint, or Cricket are all respectable and budget-friendly options. However, if your livelihood relies on your connection, stick with the major carriers. In Albuquerque, T-Mobile may have the edge over the competition, but remember that technology changes daily, and AT&T and Verizon may catch up any day.

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