How to Watch the SEC Network Online

The SEC has been around since 1932 and consists of 14 schools, with two more slated to join the roster in 2025. These streaming services make it easy to watch SEC sports online through the SEC Network.

If you live in the southeast, you already know that the SEC is composed of 14 of the best colleges in the US. In addition to Vanderbilt University and the University of Georgia, the SEC also boasts Auburn, Mississippi State University, and Texas A&M. The SEC Network, which was created through a partnership with ESPN, is on 24/7 and showcases more than 150 men’s and women’s basketball games, 45 SEC school football games, and a respectable lineup of showdowns in baseball, golf, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and more.

Are you ready to watch the SEC Network online? Great. Here are the top major streaming services that have it. 

Streaming Service
Watch Now
Hundreds of Channels
Local Affiliates
Big on Sports
Great Pricing
50 Hour DVR
Available on All Devices
Epic ESPN & Disney+ Bundle
Lots of Live Sports
Competitive Pricing
Try a VPN

The SEC Network Is Included In Fubo’s Basic Subscription

If you live in Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, or Louisiana, Fubo provides all access to the SEC Network with a basic subscription. Unfortunately, you will have to pay extra if you live outside of these states, but both Fubo Extra and Fubo Sports Plus are affordable add-ons that will set you back less than $11 per month for either. You also have the option to watch from any device that you log in from, including your personal computer, phone, or connected television. Fubo is our top pick for fans and alumni of SEC schools.

Fubo makes it easy to watch the SEC Network online

Watch on Fubo Live!

Sling With Sports Extra Has The SEC Network

Sling is another popular streaming service that has a partnership with the SEC Network. However, all users must subscribe to one of Sling’s programming tiers as well as Sports Extra (currently an additional $11/month). Before you despair, you should know that Sling is probably the most affordable streaming service, although your channel options may not be as broad as with Fubo or Hulu. Affordability aside, Sling is also the most customizable streaming service with options to affordably add what you are most interested in, whether that be comedy, news, or movies, for just a few extra dollars each month. Sling is definitely a service worth checking out, particularly if your budget tends to run bare.

Get Sling to access the SEC Network without going over budget.

Watch on Sling!

Stream Live Sports On The SEC Network Through Hulu + Live TV

75 live channels, free Disney+, free ESPN+, and an ever-expanding library of quality on-demand content is just the beginning of what you get with Hulu + Live TV. For the sports lovers among you, you can look forward to the SEC Network, NFL Network, and all the ESPN you can handle. With Hulu + Live TV, you will never miss a game, and you’ll have a unique opportunity to follow sports on your terms. Hulu gives you a truly personalized experience with the option to receive push notifications of NCAA and professional sports based on your selected team. And, if a game comes on that you just can’t make, you can record and watch on your own time.

Get the SEC Network today when you sign up for Hulu + Live TV

Watch on Hulu Live!

Looking For SEC Network+? 

SEC Network+ is a complementary platform offering subscribers of the SEC Network unrivaled access to specialty events available only through the app. You must already have a streaming subscription or cable provider with a package that has the SEC Network. Something else to keep in mind here is that games that air on the SEC Network+ app may also be available on ESPN+, so if you have an ESPN+ subscription, you can watch through that as well.

The SEC Network HAs More Than 1400 Live Events 

The SEC Network has the most comprehensive lineup of SEC Network school sports available on streaming television anywhere. With more than 1400 live events airing each year, you can find something playing any time the calendar flips. But, if you still want more, the SEC Network keeps you satisfied even when there’s not a game. SEC Inside, SEC Now, and The Paul Finebaum Show are all on the schedule.

Secure Your Spot On The SEC Network When You Stream With A VPN

The SEC Network and any related websites and streaming services are all likely highly secure. But, what happens to your data between the point of entry (your device) and their server is what you have to worry about. If your main concern isn’t online security, it should be. A virtual private network encrypts your information, making it virtually inaccessible to cyberattacks that rely on your IP address. We use and prefer NordVPN because it’s one of the most trusted names in online security, is affordable, and has some of the best streaming connection speeds of any VPN service out there.

Try NordVPN for $3

The SEC Network is on most major cable and streaming providers. But, if you’re looking for more, try Fubo, Sling, or Hulu + Live TV.

Pricing listed may not be current. Check the provided links for today’s deals. 

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