How to Watch the Pac-12 Network Online

The Pac-12 Network of families consists of six separate stations targeting Arizona, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, the Colorado mountains, Oregon, and Washington. If you’re looking to watch any of the Pac-12 Networks online, you’ve come to the right place.

The Pac-12 Conference is split into two divisions, North and South. North schools include the Washington Huskies, California Golden Bears, Stanford Cardinals, Oregon State Beavers, and the Oregon Ducks. The southern division consists of the Utah Utes, Arizona State Sun Devils, UCLA Bruins, Colorado Buffaloes, Arizona Wildcats, and the USC Trojans. Through any of the seven Pac-12 Network channels, you can watch your favorite sports from your college of choice.

Here are the top ways to get the Pac-12 Network streaming online.

Streaming Service
Watch Now
Hundreds of Channels
Local Affiliates
Big on Sports
Great Pricing
50 Hour DVR
Available on All Devices
Epic ESPN & Disney+ Bundle
Lots of Live Sports
Competitive Pricing
Try a VPN

Fubo Extra Streams The Pac-12 Network Online

When you’re looking to stream the Pac-12 Network online, look no further than Fubo Elite, which includes Fubo Extra for a small monthly fee. With Elite Plus Extra, you’ll get the Pac-12 Network along with ESPN News, the ACCN by ESPN, and three Stadium channels to choose from. You can also watch Big Ten Network games as well as any college ball that airs on FS1 or CBS. Fubo was built from the ground up with input from sports fans, so it’s no wonder that the Pac-12 Network easily slides into its lineup.

Fubo isn’t a fumble. It’s a touchdown, hole-in-one, and nothing-but-net all in one.

Watch on Fubo Live!

Sling’s Exclusive Basketball Bundle Has The Pac-12 Network

Sling might not be the newest streaming service, but it’s one of the best and least expensive. When you sign up for Sling’s exclusive Basketball Bundle, which consists of Sling Orange plus Sports Extra, you can watch the Pac-12 Network on your favorite device, whether you are at home or away. Plus, games are simulcast on ESPN three from ABC as well as on ESPN and ESPN2. Need professional basketball? Sling has you covered here as well, so click the link we’ve provided below to sign up or see additional promotional offers.

Don’t get caught without access on game day. Get Sling instead

Watch on Sling!

Hulu Doesn’t Have The Pac-12 Network (But It Has College Sports)

We’ll keep this short and sweet: Hulu might be your favorite streaming service, but it doesn’t currently carry the Pac-12 Network. However, what you do have is access to ESPN, CBS, TNT, TBS, and plenty of other networks that carry NAACP ball, including March Madness.

If you’re open to other options, consider Hulu. (And fingers crossed for a deal with Pac-12!)

Watch on Hulu Live!

Other Ways To Stream The Pac-12 Network Online

Even if you’re a bit disappointed that you can’t get the Pac-12 Network on Hulu, don’t despair. You still have plenty of other options, including Vidgo, EZVideo, Spectrum Cable, Cox Cable, and Dish. Keep in mind here, however, that you will have to have a cable subscription for the majority of these. Our top choices for accessing the Pac-12 Network are still Fubo and Sling.

A special note here: if you already subscribe to a streaming or cable service that has the Pac-12 Network, you can download the Pac-12 Now app on your connected device. The app lets you watch on the go and gives you unlimited access to all seven Pac-12 Network channels. 

What’s On The Pac-12 Network?

That’s a great question, and we’re glad you asked. The Pac-12 Network has so many options outside of live sports. A few of these include Pac-12 After Dark, which wraps up the action every Saturday night during the season, and Football in 60, which gives you a condensed but effective rundown of games played the weekend before. You’ll also find pregame shows and playlists of the best of the Pac-12 Network.

Can I Stream The Pac-12 Network Over a Virtual Private Network?

A virtual private network doesn’t keep you from watching TV, but it does keep the people that would otherwise be watching you from following your online activity. Any time you log onto the internet, there are eyes following your every movement. This means the information that you put into your browser is an open buffet for hackers. To keep it safe, use a VPN, which gives you access to thousands of servers in North America and abroad. And, if you’re looking for a game that’s blacked out because of regional restrictions, look for a server in that area, as you may have a backdoor pass.

Try NordVPN for $3

When you want to watch the Pac-12 Network, but you don’t want cable, the streaming services above can get you in without a contract.

Any pricing we’ve mentioned is current as of publication date. But, know that these change often, so do a quick check of your streaming service to confirm pricing and availability.

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