How to Watch ESPN College GameDay Online

ESPN College GameDay is available to streaming subscribers with a compatible service. Our choices are Fubo, Sling, and Hulu. Read on for why. 

ESPN College GameDay is one of the best ways to get insight into whatever game is on Saturday. Originally launched back in 1987, ESPN College GameDay is now available streaming online for free when you have a service that comes with ESPN. The show typically broadcasts from the host school and airs before football games with a noon Saturday start time. Since the program’s inception, it has undergone a number of changes, but one thing has stayed the same and that is the presence of broadcast legend Lee Corso. 

No matter what is different from one show to the next, when you want to stream ESPN College GameDay online, you need a service that can deliver. Here are our picks. 

Streaming Service
Watch Now
Hundreds of Channels
Local Affiliates
Big on Sports
Great Pricing
50 Hour DVR
Available on All Devices
Epic ESPN & Disney+ Bundle
Lots of Live Sports
Competitive Pricing
Try a VPN

Fubo For Streaming ESPN College GameDay

Fubo is best known as the first online streaming service to think about sports fans first. And, you don’t have to sign up for a top package for access to ESPN College GameDay. Fubo Starter has ESPN, along with Fox, FS1, BEIN Sports, and more. Plus, you’ll have 250 hours of cloud DVR, and you can share up to three screens on the same account. When you’re looking for live events, look no further than Fubo, which airs more than 130 4K events on anywhere from 110 to more than 160 channels, depending on your package.

Get Fubo now. 

Watch on Fubo Live!

Still Looking For ESPN College GameDay? Try Sling Orange

While most streaming providers have viewing levels, Sling takes a slightly different approach. Sling bundles channels into different packages, Blue and Orange. There’s quite a bit of overlap, including that both have AMC, BET, CNN, Fuse, the History Channel, and Vice. But, for access to the ESPN family, including ESPN College GameDay, choose Orange. Sling Orange typically starts at $35 per month, or you can upgrade and get both packages in a bundle for about $15 more. No matter which service you choose, you always have the option to cancel or change without additional charges.

Sling has ESPN College GameDay.

Watch on Sling!

Hulu Has ESPN College GameDay Live and Online

Hulu was one of the first streaming services, and, originally, it offered on-demand content only. Not today. Now, Hulu is owned by Disney, which also happens to own ESPN. Because of this, Hulu might be your best option to watch ESPN College GameDay. When you subscribe to Hulu + Live TV, the service’s ultimate streaming package, you’ll get not only ESPN live but also a complimentary subscription to ESPN+ and Disney+. Like other modern streaming services, you also have the option to cancel and try a different package at any time.

Upgrade your viewing experience with Hulu + Live TV

Watch on Hulu Live!

If You Already Have YouTube TV, ESPN College GameDay Is On

Like most great things in the world of sports, ESPN College GameDay is owned and developed by ESPN. And, is one of the most well-known streaming providers, YouTube TV has it. With YouTube TV, you get more than just on-demand content. This streaming service offers live TV online with a traditional channel guide that lets you choose what to watch and when. It’s not our top pick, but it’s a great option to watch ESPN if you’re already a subscriber and don’t want to switch. YouTube TV currently has around 107 channels and works with most Amazon Fire TVs, Apple TVs, and Smart TVs.

Quick Notes About ESPN College GameDay

As a pregame show, ESPN College GameDay has lots of colorful commentary from experts and insiders. But, if you’ve never watched it, something you should be on the lookout for is the prediction segment. As of 2022, host Lee Corso has a 254-130 record. Although it was originally aired in the 1980s, the biggest change to ESPN College GameDay came in 1993 when the show began airing outside of the host stadium instead of a stationary set. When you’re looking for something a little more exciting than a tailgate, what you want is ESPN College GameDay.

ESPN College GameDay Streaming Made Safe With A VPN

VPN stands for virtual private network. What is it? A VPN is essentially a digital tunnel that encapsulates and protects any information you plug into your computer. This is crucial to online security, even if you’re doing something as simple as streaming ESPN College GameDay from Fubo, Sling, or Hulu. If you want the most secure streaming experience, try NordVPN. NordVPN is often touted as the fastest VPN with a connection speed of 6730+ megabits per second. You can also choose from more than 5000 servers and, importantly, live chat with customer service anytime you want.

Try NordVPN for $3

When you can’t live without your pregame shows, you want ESPN College GameDay. Get it today with any of the streaming service providers listed above, and enjoy your Saturday mornings even more. 

If we mentioned pricing, it was current as of the publication date. But, these change often, so check each provider your price shopping for the best deal. 

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