How To Stream The New Orleans Saints Games Online Without Cable

When you want to see the New Orleans Saints come marching in, you may have to tune in to one of the streaming services below.

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Gumbo and Sir Saint have been sporting the old gold, black, and white for the last 54 years since the New Orleans Saints were established in The Big Easy. Headquartered in Metairie, Louisiana, the Saints’ iconic fleur-de-lis is a signifier to the fans that they’re about to get intense on-field action. 

The New Orleans Saints may have only won the Super Bowl once, in 2009, but they’ve been in the playoffs 14 times and hold an impressive nine division championships. Originally housed at Tulane Stadium, the Saints have played under the protective cover of Caesar’s Superdome since 1975, with a brief stint split between three other stadiums after Hurricane Katrina.

The New Orleans Saints are an intriguing team, and their roots can actually be traced to a “backroom” deal between a former NFL Commissioner and a handful of local politicians. However, despite their humble beginnings – the New Orleans Saints once held the unfortunate moniker “The ‘Aints” after a devastating 1980 year – the team remains popular with fans.

If you continue to hold the New Orleans Saints in high regard, you don’t have to travel to NOLO. The streaming services below will connect you to each kick, pass, and touchdown.

Fubo TV is Perfect for Watching New Orleans Saints Games Without Cable

The New Orleans Saints are often shown on your local channels or via the NFL Network. You might also find them on ESPN, NBC, or CBS. Fortunately, FuboTV subscribers have access to all of this and more, depending on where you live. Regardless of how you want to watch football, Fubo has the most comprehensive lineup of sports channels available on streaming services today. For those of us that don’t have cable, this is a godsend that can give us the chance to tailgate from the couch.

Download FuboTV today; you won’t be disappointed. For $64.99, no one ever is.

Watch on Fubo Live!

Sling TV has Tons of Great Options for Streaming New Orleans Saints Games Online

Another fantastic way to watch your team do their thing is to tune into the New Orleans Saints on Sling. Something that sets Sling apart is that you are not charged for your local channels, meaning you can watch the NFL using an HD antenna and your Sling subscription (starting at $10 for your first month). Like FuboTV, Sling carries tons of sports, making it a tough call to consider this the second choice. Not sure what type of device you need for Sling? What you already have probably works. Sling is compatible with FireTV devices, Roku, AndroidTV, and more or less any smart device available today.

Sling isn’t free, but it will free you up for football on your terms. 

Watch on Sling!

Choose Hulu + Live For New Orleans Saints And More

When the New Orleans Saints are live, you can toast to each tackle by streaming through Hulu + Live. This easy-to-app offers packages starting at less than $6 per month…but, for live football, you’ll want to upgrade to the $64.99 Hulu + Live option, which gives you multiple user profiles and access to the optional $9.99 Sports Add-on. With NFL RedZone, the season gets a little brighter with each game. Hulu also offers ABC, ESPN, and everything in between for sports fans and their families. Check the website for current specials, which may even let you enjoy your first online streaming experience for an even smaller investment.

If you want Hulu + Live, you can find out more here

Watch on Hulu Live!

The New Orleans Saints Website

New Orleans Saints game days are easily found on, where you’ll also find a download link to the Saints’ mobile app as well as your choice of both training camp and standard team gear. If you are tired of watching games online, you can even use the website to find out more information about suites, players, coaches, and more.

Can’t Watch The New Orleans Saints? Listen Instead

Unfortunately, we can’t always be near our video-enabled devices. That’s okay because you can listen to New Orleans Saints radio. Worried you have to be in New Orleans? Don’t. You can catch WWL on Sirius or through the NFL app. You’ll hear the pregame show, lots of commentary, and a professional play-by-play that puts you smack dab in the middle of the action.

VPN: A Secure Way To Stream The New Orleans Saints

If you are concerned about online streaming security, a virtual private network is the way to go. Your online activity isn’t viewable, meaning criminals can’t see what you’re doing and when. A VPN also blocks activity from your ISP, and this may reduce some of the annoying ads streaming across your social media accounts. NordVPN is an affordable and reliable option. 

Try NordVPN for $3

Catch every blazing moment of action by tuning into the New Orleans Saints on any of the services listed above.

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