Best Unlimited Data Plans

Whoever said you can have too much of a good thing would be fired from today’s major phone carriers. Unlimited data (with a few caveats) is the hottest thing in cell phone plans as companies are bending over backwards to separate their options from the competition—and the only way to get the perks is to go unlimited. The result is a slew of different unlimited plans, with a variety of features, at a wide range of prices. Basically, there has never been a better time to turn your internet access into internet excess, which is why we’re here to help you find the perfect unlimited plan for your lifestyle.

Our Picks for Best Unlimited Plans :

Top Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

PlanBest ForView Plans Online
Get More Unlimited, by VerizonOverall Best Unlimited PlanView Plans
Magenta by T-MobileValue & CostView Plans
Unlimited Plan by Visible WirelessUser-Friendly FeaturesView Plans
Google Fi Unlimited PlanInternational CallsView Plans
Cricket WirelessNo-Frills / Cheapest OptionView Plans

It’s important to consider your needs as a consumer, so that you don’t get overwhelmed by all the choices. Every option includes unlimited talk, text, and mobile data, but the extra bells and whistles for each plan can be daunting and distracting. If you don’t have a strong sense of what your life requires, then you’re likely to be seduced by features you won’t use at prices you shouldn’t pay. Are you looking for the best unlimited plan for families no matter the cost? Or maybe features aren’t as important to you and are going for the a cheap unlimited cell plan. That’s okay too!

Asking yourself about needs like these will help direct your search and keep you from being distracted by attractive, but ultimately unfulfilling perks. Taken inventory of your needs yet? Good. Now let’s have a look at the unlimited plans. Here’s the brief:

Best Deluxe Unlimited Plan: Get More Unlimited, by Verizon

+Best network in the business

+Best streaming/music service perks

+Best video quality

—Most Expensive

—Data speeds slow after 50GB

Verizon Plans

If money is no object, and all you want is the crème of the cellular crop, Verizon’s Get More plan for $90/month is the way to go. You’ll get unlimited access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network and nationwide data, along with unlimited mobile hotspot data, and HD streaming. Throw in an AppleMusic subscription, and free access to Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, and discovery+ (12 months for discovery+), and you have the best combination of efficiency and entertainment on the market.

Runner-up: Unlimited Elite by AT&T

If you plan on consuming a lot (and we mean A LOT) of mobile data, AT&T’s most high-end plan ($85/month) might be your best bet. It allows for 100GB of premium data per month before your network speeds start to slow, while Verizon starts slowing speeds after 50GB of data. For the vast majority of people, 50GB is plenty of data. But if you do most of your work outdoors, stream movies while you’re camping, or always forget to switch on your Wi-Fi, you could use the extra wiggle room. The plans other separating feature is a free subscription to HBO Max. We wouldn’t say that outpunches Verizon’s streaming package, but if HBO is your main thing, then AT&T could be your carrier.

AT&T Plans

Best Unlimited Value: Magenta by T-Mobile

+Netflix subscription included

+No hidden taxes or fees

+Solid international perks

—SD video streaming

T-Mobile Plans

We’re tempted to slot Verizon’s second-tier Play More plan into this spot, but Magenta ultimately wins out for its impressive suite of services offered for only $70/month, including taxes and fees. The crown jewel of this plan is a free Netflix subscription, but its free data and texting abroad, and weekly promos are nice touches. It’s not the perfect plan—some will find the standard definition video streaming and 3GB in mobile hotspot data disappointing—but it still qualifies as the sweetest deal in wireless coverage. And if you want to upgrade, the Magenta Plus plan should have everything you need for $85/month.

Runner-Up: Play More Unlimited by Verizon

If the Play More plan shared a price point with the Magenta, it would top this category, but at $80/month plus taxes and fees, it’s just not a good enough deal. That being said, it’s still a great value. Play More has almost all the entertainment perks of the Get More plan, except that the free AppleMusic access only lasts for six months. That still leaves a tempting streaming package, unlimited hotspot access, and plenty of data for watching your shows in HD.

Second Runner-up: Mint Mobile’s Unlimited Plan

We couldn’t move on from this section without covering Mint Mobile, the best value of the various budget carriers that have been emerging in recent years. Mint’s simplified approach isn’t fancy, but its fast, efficient, and affordable at $30/month for unlimited 5G and 4G LTE data. What’s more is that this discount doesn’t sacrifice convenience, since Mint Mobile hitches a ride on T-Mobile’s network to provide nationwide coverage. On top of that unlimited high-speed data, you’ll also receive 5GB in mobile hotspot data, and free calls to Canada and Mexico, with plenty of money left over to cover your own Netflix subscription.

This small price comes with one big catch, however. To lock in the $30/month rate, you’ll need to make a year-long commitment. Otherwise, the price jumps up to $40/month after the first three months. That’s still a great rate, but no better than other barebones operations, such as Visible Wireless (more on them in a moment). Also, if you’re an intensive mobile data user, then the 35GB monthly cap on premium data could be an issue. For most it’s no problem, but if you know your mobile data needs are exorbitant, it might be best to steer clear of Mint’s great deal.

Most User-Friendly: Unlimited Plan by Visible Wireless

+Low flat rate with no hidden fees or taxes

+Best network coverage

+No contract

+Essentially unlimited data usage

—Speeds subject to deprioritization

View Plans

You came for unlimited data, and that’s Visible’s area of expertise. Their powerful, comprehensive coverage and affordable, transparent pricing make their plan the most stress-free option on the wireless market. Like Mint Mobile, Visible specializes in extensive coverage at an accommodating $40/month. That’s a flat rate with all taxes and fees included, and no annual contract that locks you in.

If you think this pricing and commitment model is stress-free, wait until you see their network. Visible Wireless piggybacks on Verizon’s network, so it enjoys complete access to Verizon’s industry-leading 5G and 4G LTE coverage. That means coast-to-coast coverage you can count on above all other providers.

Since Visible imposes no data cap, users are free to enjoy this enhanced coverage with a clear conscience. Unlike Mint, which really slashes speeds after you reach that 35GB threshold, Visible never cuts off your 4G and 5G access. The result is an unlimited data plan that actually allows you to feel limitless. This may seem like a cellular utopia—and it almost is—but be advised that unlimited data doesn’t always mean unlimited speed. Since Visible shares a network with Verizon, their customers are subject to deprioritization. This means that, during congested stretches, Verizon will slow the data speeds of Visible customers to make room for their own clientele. It’s not an ideal situation, but there are much worse situations in the wireless market, and Visible makes up for it with unlimited mobile hotspot data as well. Also, if you’re looking to save even more money, check out their new Party Pay option that can lower monthly costs to an absurd $25/month.

Runner-up: Essentials by T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s most basic unlimited plan gets huge props for including actual perks so it doesn’t feel like a tool for leveraging upgrades (we’ve got our eyes on you, AT&T). For $60/month with no hidden fees or taxes (including an auto-pay discount), you still get 4G and 5G access, a Netflix subscription, and the T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways. That’s a premium user experience on one of America’s top networks, at an extremely competitive price.

Second Runner-up (we couldn’t resist): Cricket

We wanted to give Cricket the second-place spot, but the T-Mobile perks were just too good. Cricket may not have all the extras, but for $55/month (with $5 autopay discount) it still deserves a mention. Since it shares a network with AT&T, coverage is a non-issue. That top network, along with SD video streaming, 15GB of mobile hotspot data, and international usage options, makes the Cricket experience one of the smoothest in the business.

Cricket Plans

Best international Plan: Google Fi Unlimited Plan

+Most flexible international network

+Unlimited data and texting in over 200 countries

—Non-Wi-fi calls still cost extra

If you’re something of a globetrotter, there’s Google Fi, and then there’s everyone else. Google Fi has access to multiple networks, so it offers one of the most flexible coverage options on the market. This helps it maintain service in the kind of unfamiliar territory that one often experiences in international travel. Along with this access, Google Fi allows its customers unlimited texting and data usage in over 200 countries, which is tops among wireless providers. And while calls using mobile data aren’t free, Google Fi still supports free international Wi-Fi calling. This set of international services is fairly unique, which is why Google can charge $70/month for its services. It may not come with all the features of some conventional plans, but when you’re stranded in Budapest, Google Fi will feel like a bargain.

Runner-up: Magenta by T-Mobile

T-Mobile still provides most of the international leeway offered by Google Fi. You’re entitled to unlimited data and texting in over 200 countries, as well a couple built-in in-flight features like a free hour of Wi-Fi. That’s a pretty great deal at $70/month, considering everything else the Magenta plan has going for it. Google Fi still gets the nod because of its flexible international network, but T-Mobile is a nice alternative.

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