Broadband Internet in Atlanta, GA: Prices, Speeds, Coverage & Reliability

The best internet provider in Atlanta by category:

  • The most reliable internet service in Atlanta, GA: ATT Fiber
  • The fastest internet speeds in Atlanta: ATT Fiber
  • The cheapest internet provider in Atlanta: Xfinity or Spectrum
  • The internet provider with the best coverage in Atlanta: Verizon 5G

They say Atlanta connects the world. As we increasingly rely on the internet for work, entertainment, and staying connected, choosing the right internet service provider has become important for Atlantians. With a myriad of options available, we’ll help you navigate the top handful of internet providers in Atlanta without all the fuss.

Here are the top internet providers in the Atlanta area:

The Best Broadband Plans in Atlanta, GA

High Speed Internet
Check Pricing
Fastest Speeds
100% Fiber
Competitive Prices
Unlimited Intenret
In 46 States
Solid Prices
5G Everywhere!
Great Hot Spot
Mobile Deals
Great Coverage
Bundle King
Triple Play

Which Internet Service is Most Reliable in Atlanta?

Fiber is almost alwys the fastest and most reliable service available in a city like Atlanta. The technology is the newest so the infastructure is also fairly new so you get rock-solid service from fiber most of the time. In Atlanta, ATT Fiber is king of fiber. They have some great deals when bundled with mobile so be sure to check on those if you’re already an AT&T customer:

View AT&T Fiber Plans

The Fastest Internet Plans in Atlanta

AT&T Fiber has the fastest internet speeds in Atlanta right now . If you can afford the fiber connectionand are in the service area you should definitely check out the deals. If you’re working from home you may be able to write-off some of the cost of your internet connection on your yearly taxes so it might make sense to splurge on Atlanta’s fastest fiber plan, AT&T: 

View AT&T Fiber Plans

Cheap & Discount Internet Plans in Atlanta

If you’re looking for a deal on internet in Atlanta there are a few other options. Spectrum and Xfinity also offer bundles and discounts and they’re not fiber yet so they generally cost a bit less if you’re just looking for internet. Xfinity and Spectrum may also be your only option if AT&T fiber isn’t connected to your buiulding or neighborhood yet. 

Spectrum Plans

Internet Provider with the Best Coverage in Atlanta

More and more Atlantians are switching to a mobile provider for HOME internet. It’s a brave new world out there biut it actually works. If you’ve ever used your 5G hotspot in and around Atlanta you understand the power of 5G networks. Heck, these days you can even play online games with decent pings on a 5G hotspot from your gaming laptop.  Verizon’s masive 5G network might be a good plan for your mobile lifestyle and if you’re an existing customer you can probably get a nice bundle deal:

See 5G Home Plans

Atlanta Zip Codes with the Best Internet Access

30318 (Westside)

30327 (Buckhead)

30309 (Midtown)

30306 (Virginia Highland)

30307 (Little Five Points)

30326 (Buckhead)

30308 (Old Fourth Ward)

30316 (East Atlanta)

30312 (Grant Park)

30305 (Buckhead)

Whether you’re a student engrossed in rigorous studies at Georgia Tech, a remote worker settled comfortably at home, an ambitious small business owner, or an online gaming enthusiast, Atlanta now has an array of high-speed internet options to ensure you stay connected and productive. If you go with one of the above options you’ll get internet access almoist anywhere in Atlanta, at a reasonable price.


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